Friday, November 17, 2006

My elbow from my ass

I like sweet songs. Sweet songs like me back. Sometimes.

Rather tipsy on my recent flight to Ireland, this song came on while I had the ole iPod on shuffle. And it had me crying saccharine tears right there in seat 17G. Even with naughty words in the lyrics, the song manages to be sweeter than four cutesy girls with pink, frilly ribbons in their hair playing Candyland surrounded by Strawberry Shortcake paraphernalia. (Yes, I'm rather tipsy once again.)

I covered Camera Obscura not too long ago, but figured, what the hey, another look is certainly worth it. Especially since it's Friday and I'm certainly not up for a long-ass entry.

Hear it for yourself. Download: "Suspended From Class" by Camera Obscura. Not to be confused with them posers from California.