Wednesday, December 27, 2006


This is clearly a case where one of them "family trees" is need. You know, you frequently see them on when folks are discussing the plethora of coaches who toiled under the tutelage of 49ers legend Bill Walsh.

Because in the case of these 80s Scottish pop groups, it's rather difficult to keep track of who played with whom. Let's try and wade through it all, shall we? The BMX Bandits were formed around Duglas T. Stewart, a Bellshill native and onetime member of the Pretty Flowers. The rest of the band consisted of Sean Dickson, Jim McCulloch, Willie McArdle, and Billy Wood. Eventually, both McArdle and Dickson left the lineup, and were replaced by ex-Boy Hairdressers bassist Joe McAlinden and drummer Francis McDonald.

Dickson soon founded his own band, the Soup Dragons, and was later joined by McCulloch. Another Boy Hairdressers alum, Norman Blake, then joined the fray. But Blake's stay wasn't long either, as both he and McDonald hit the road to form Teenage Fanclub. Later exits included Gordon Keen and Eugene Kelly (on board for a short time following the dissolution of The Vaselines) leaving to create Captain America, and McAlinden bidding adieu to form Superstar.

Got all that? Didn't think so.

Hear it for yourself. Download: "Tidal Wave by The Boy Hairdressers.