Friday, November 17, 2006

My elbow from my ass

I like sweet songs. Sweet songs like me back. Sometimes.

Rather tipsy on my recent flight to Ireland, this song came on while I had the ole iPod on shuffle. And it had me crying saccharine tears right there in seat 17G. Even with naughty words in the lyrics, the song manages to be sweeter than four cutesy girls with pink, frilly ribbons in their hair playing Candyland surrounded by Strawberry Shortcake paraphernalia. (Yes, I'm rather tipsy once again.)

I covered Camera Obscura not too long ago, but figured, what the hey, another look is certainly worth it. Especially since it's Friday and I'm certainly not up for a long-ass entry.

Hear it for yourself. Download: "Suspended From Class" by Camera Obscura. Not to be confused with them posers from California.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Fish fry

A quick update regarding my last post on Distant Cousins. Ian Halliday was kind enough to write us, saying:

"I too have been searching for information about Distant Cousins, and as you say: it's not easy. There is pretty much no information. So I went digging further, as I found out that Neil and Simon from The Smirks were members of Distant Cousins for a while. This is of interest to me as for years I have been webmaster of - the world's leading website for The Smirks. What little information I have unearthed is here - you can see that I have found the same sound and vision that you have, but I also have an excerpt from "You Used To." I'm hoping that I can find more. In the meantime, you're stuck with The Smirks and the Oscar Bernhardt Ensemble..."

Thanks for the email, Ian.

Onto other matters . . . . Such as Grab Grab The Haddock, a band I re-visited just recently. I only wish the rediscovery had taken place sooner. From what I can recall, GGTH (to be known as thus from this point on) rose from the ashes of The Marine Girls, another terrific pop band I will tackle on another morn. When Tracey Thorn departed (and later linked up with Ben Watt to form Everything But The Girl), the remaining Fox sisters (Jane and Alice) buddied up with two lads to form GGTH. Sheer pop brilliance then ensued.

Take a listen to: "Last Fond Goodbye" and "For All We Know."

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Down The Kingdom!

A Waterford girl once told me, "The only accents I can't understand are those of a Kerryman." That's probably a good thing, lass, because all the Kerryman would likely be talking about is his fecking football squad. Seventy-one Munster titles, 52 appearences in the All-Ireland final, 34 senior championships. Enough already!

Anyway, back in 2005, when the GAA released its best moments of Gaelic football and hurling in the television era, I was a tad upset to see Seamus Darby's goal was only at No. 3. For those who lack football acumen, Darby tallied a last-minute goal in the 1982 All-Ireland final, giving Offaly the victory and preventing hated Kerry from securing the much coveted five-in-a-row.

The top moment on the GAA's list? Well, that would be Michael Donnellan's solo run against Kildare in the '98 final. Donnellan's sprint down the Croke Park pitch set up a Sean Og de Paor point and helped lead Galway to its first football title in over three decades.

Getting back to that Waterford lass: Maybe it's best she doesn't participate in a discussion involving football. The Deise have never won shite!

Download: "The Arrival Of The Queen Of Sheba (In Galway Bay)" and "Barney From Killarney" by De Dannan.