Friday, September 08, 2006

Calling it quits . . . sort of

I feel constrained. I've been by no means grow disenchanted with music of the tartan variety -- merely grown tired of writing about it. So next week I plan on officially closing up shop by dropping one of them pretentious and pervasive "all-time best" lists we've all come to so dearly loathe. In this case, it will be the top 30 Scottish singles of all-time. I may even include a Travis song; fuck you, haters.

When I return the following week, I plan on unveiling a new look, as well as some new folks who will be expanding our tiny hamlet here to cover more than just hard-to-find Scottish pop and rock.

Here's how it will all break down. On Mondays, my gal pal Bindie Indie will chit-chat about whatever new music she's dipping her beak into. On Tuesdays, Speranza will prattle on about Irish folk and trad, and try not to stumble over his illiteracy. Thursdays will feature Spring Heeled Jack reminiscing about the 1980s, the decade he spent bumming and slumming 'round England, listening to guitar pop -- from The Sound Of Leamington Spa to The Living Room -- on a beat-up cassette player. On Wednesdays or Fridays, depending on my mood that week, I will continue to bring you the obscure Scottish pop and rock you so achingly crave.

And it will all still be under the Merry Muses Of Caledonia brand name. Noice!

In closing, I leave you with some Orange Juice.

Hear it for yourself. Download: "Falling And Laughing" by Orange Juice.