Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The story of Creation (part 10)

Deadline approaching. Work piling up. Mini fan on my desk oscillating as I sweat under the pressure.

Maybe I'll throw in the C86 tape. It's jingle-jangly goodness will get the ole blood pressure up. Energy level . . . rising. I'll work more diligently, get more accomplished, be handsomely rewarded by my superiors.

"Therese" by The Bodines is now blasting. I'm dancing on the cheap Oriental rug in my office. Jump jive and wail. The folks in the office downstairs just called. "We've got plaster in our hair -- cut the crapola!"

Hear it for yourself. Download: CRE 028: The Bodines - "Therese," (7"+12"), 1986.