Sunday, June 04, 2006

What's on the menu this evening, sir?

Overcast, dreich, lazy, stuffed on doughnuts, fingertips stained from reading the Sunday rag, stubble on the face, uninspired, groggy from staying up late last night when I saw Trainspotting was on the television. So, since a quick update is all I can manage on account of the litter, I decided I shall upload the tracks from my two favorite scenes.

Till tomorrow . . . .

Hear them for yourself. Download:

"Deep Blue Day" by Brian Eno. A trippy, ethereal ditty that blends perfectly with Rents' underwater plunge.

"Perfect Day" by Lou Reed. A song many have proclaimed as being one of the most romantic they've ever heard. Of course, it's used for a love of a different sort in this flick.