Saturday, June 03, 2006

The story of Creation (part 6)

The Jesus And Mary Chain? Nothing more than basic white noise with a snare drum. Oasis? Haughty wankers with big eyebrows and a derivative flare. Teenage Fanclub? Big Star-worshipping, musical tailgaters. My Bloody Valentine? The thick, muddied sound of somnambulists with guitars.

Rubbish, all of it. In fact, Creation Records' one true, bonafide genius was The Legend!

His real name was Jerry Thackray and he hailed from Rotherhithe in London's southeast side. Jerry put his pants on just like the rest of us -- one leg at a time. Except, once his pants were on, Jerry made gold records.

He came to the attention of future Creation head Alan McGee in Jaunary of 1982. McGee was performing with The Laughing Apple at a venue named The Golf Club, and Thackray, a diehard fan of McGee's band, was in attendance. Well, he was pretty much the only one in attendance.

A friendship was forged and McGee eventually brought Thackray on board to record once the Scotsman officially kicked off his influential indie label. Pure pop brilliance then followed. "You . . . chunka chunka . . . acted glamorous. Or so it seems."

Hear them for yourself. Download the five tracks The Legend! released for Creation: "73 in 83," "You Were Glamorous," "Melt the Guns," "Sings the Blues," and "Arrogant Bastards." Five songs the listener will never forget.