Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Women: Can't live with 'em . . .

So there was a girl involved. Then again, isn't there always?

Daniel Meade, lead guitarist for The Ronelles, said the Glasgow outfit received its moniker when his incessant wooing went relatively ignored. "There is a girl that used to work in The Garage nightclub that I adored," Meade explained in this interview. "I used to leave her tickets to come and see shows, but she never did. She didn't like me."

The lass's name? Ronelle, of course.

And we're guessing the bird would most certainly give Meade the time of day now. In a little over two years, The Ronelles have gone from virtual nobodys to much ballyhooed somebodys, thanks largely to their tireless gigging ethic. The band have supported Kings Of Leon, The Dears, and The Zutons, and nabbed themselves a slot at last year's T In The Park festival. They also joined The Proclaimers' tour of the States for several shows and had their own sell-out, headlining performance at the renowned King Tut's Wah Wah Hut in Glasgow.

The Ronelles' blistering, celebrated live set was finally committed to tape earlier this year and released by Neon Tetra Records as the LP Motel. The track featured below is "Magic Blues," a stomping, infectious ditty that shows The Ronelles are part-time purveyors of the "Clapton is God" motif.

Hear it for yourself. Download: "Magic Blues" by The Ronelles.