Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The story of Creation (part 1)

Yes, I know: It's a terrible post title. But please, bear with me.

I've settled into a nice rhythm with this here joint: Updating Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and then Friday. And it's always with decent writing (I think), and even better music. But here's the rub: I'd like to update more often, provide more content. Unfortunately, that's proven to be a tad arduous, on account of the job, the rugrats, and the (hiccup!) spirits.

So here's the plan: On days I typically don't update this place, I will throw up a quick-hit, get-in/get-out, brief post (or at least try; I can be a tad long-winded at times). And I plan on making up for the brevity by uploading more than one .mp3. If anything, maybe the lack of information will spur some of you to perform a bit of research on these bands on your own. (My chest swells with pride when I'm this pretentious.)

For the moment, the theme of these "off-days" will be Creation Records singles. Obviously, many of these bands are not from Scotland, but you know what? Feck it. We'll ignore that for the moment, with our reason being the label's founder was indeed a Jock.

Without further ado, here's two of my all-time favorite Creation singles. Hear them for yourself. Download:

CRE 015: The Loft - "Up The Hill & Down The Slope," (7"+12"), June of 1985

CRE 029: The Weather Prophets - "Almost Prayed," (7"+D7"+12"), June of 1986