Monday, May 15, 2006

Hyping Tigerfest? Not so fast

It was going to be one hell of a show. Glasgow's Odeon Beat Club, Ayr's Drive By Argument, and Edinburgh's The Rushes -- three of Scotland's best unknown bands, all on the same stage as part of the ongoing Tigerfest. Too bad this May 16 gig was cancelled earlier today.

I had Odeon Beat Club's "Trouble Ticket" all warmed up and ready to go, so we'll give the Glaswegians a plug anyway. First off, here's a bit of history on them: The four have been regulars on the Edinburgh and Glasgow music circuit for several years now, opening for fellow Scots ballboy, as well as English acts such as The Coral and "Pete the poet's" Babyshambles.

Odeon Beat Club have released material on a variety of labels, including a double-A side single on Electric Honey in 2003 and the Midnight Station EP on Polyester Records in 2004. That same year, the band also had a track on Fierce Panda's six-song The Glowing Underground EP, which was the label's attempt to offer listeners a thin, tasty slice of the then Scottish indie scene.

As for music influences, the band namedrops everyone from Franz Ferdinand to The Nectarine No. 9. And really, any act that's citing Davy Henderson's most recent outfit as a source of inspiration is a-okay in my book.

Hear it for yourself. Download: "Trouble Ticket" by Odeon Beat Club.