Friday, October 13, 2006

No mobile phones, no BK

I've long been drawn to the character that is King Creosote (nee Kenny Anderson).

He has a rather unique approach to his craft (songs more important than style; performance over recording quality), and is wildly ambitious (he's at over two dozen albums now and counting). He extends a big middle finger to fame: "I don’t want to be cool," he said in this interview. "I hate that winning thing -– people that enjoy winning, that’s just a total farce, isn’t it?" He enjoys the relative isolation that comes with living in Fife: "Mobile phones don’t work there," he said, "and there are no chain shops, no Burger King or Costa Coffee -- it’s great!" And, possibly most important of all, he hates the idiot box.

Anderson is known for his involvement with the Fence Collective, a group of folk artists affiliated with Fife's Fence Records and headquartered in the seacoast town of Anstruther. That collective included The Beta Band, though more typically, features those artists of the obscure variety such as James Yorkston and Lone Pigeon.

Hear it for yourself. Download: "So Forlorn" and "My Favourite Girl In All The World" by King Creosote. Both songs beautifully capture Anderson's knack for poetic, lo-fi, quirky folk music.