Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Black mood . . . lifted

Ah, so that was lovely, now wasn't it?

We won't get into further details -- you need only know the loveliness I speak of can be found here. And Wednesday? The outcome of that battle indeed looks grim; The Boys In Green will likely be without the services of 14 lads. Here's all one needs to hear about our starting XI: The goalie last saw action against the likes of Crewe, Yeovil, and Chesterfield!

I decided I shall avoid Landsdowne Road entirely and passed off my ticket to a relative. And yes, he's a masochist. (Of course he is; he's related to the wife.)

Anyway, I returned home Sunday in absolute tatters. My black mood was lifted, however, after a nicely prepared sup from the little woman, post-meal tea in front of a comfy turf fire, and a smidge of Altan. This group has long occupied a special place in my heart, both for their lovely music and their inner strength, as they endured the terrible illness and death of one of their own: the genius Frankie Kennedy (I taped the funeral services which were broadcast on Radio Na Gaeltachta; will have to track that cassette down). They are survivors, and survivors are folks I ardently admire.

And getting back to the trivial matter of football: We'll soon see if Staunton is of the same make-up.

Two songs from Altan: "Slainte Theilinn (A Health To Teelin)" and "The Pretty Young Girl."