Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Some garage rock with The Thanes

Joe Foster once said, "I was a drug addict . . . A well educated and articulate one, but one nonetheless." He was describing his hazy and halcyon days spent at Creation Records. While employed for Creation, Foster started up the Rev-ola subsidiary, which today, dabbles in album re-issues.

The always articulate and educated Foster has made certain Rev-Ola reflects his catholic tastes, as the label has released material from former Creation acts such as Slaughter Joe and The Jazz Butcher, as well as everything from calypso by Maya Angelou to legendary blues standards by Leadbelly to pre-superstar Buddy Holly.

Edinburgh's The Thanes were never members of the Creation cabal, but the band, like many on Rev-Ola, has influenced its share of modern day acts, particularly those of the garage rock variety. Fronted by indie busyman Lenny Helsing, The Thanes officially came together in 1986. Two decades later, the act is still churning out its trademark, 60s-style, organ-driven melodies.

Hear it for yourself. Download: "No Need To Worry" by The Thanes.