Friday, July 21, 2006

Within Auld Reekie . . . .

It's 1980, and Scotland's once nascent music scene has finally caught up to its English brethren. In the capital, the arty Josef K and the abrasive Fire Engines are leading the charge, two acts deeply inspired by the late 1970s New York scene: the former by Television and Talking Heads, the latter by the short-lived, atonal No Wave movement. Lesser acts (for their stature, productivity, and influences) have also emerged: TV21, Another Pretty Face, The Scars.

35mm Dreams was another of those "lesser" Edinburgh bands. Details regarding their lineup are sketchy. A gent named David McDonald was on bass; after his stint with 35mm Dreams, he played in a group named Rex Begonia. Moray Crawford was the vocalist/drummer; he lives in Japan now, having performed with acts such as Osaka Stainless and Shonen Knife.

During its short existence, 35mm Dreams released just two singles: "More Than This"/"The Bearer" was issued in 1980 with their follow-up coming a year later.

Hear it for yourself. Download: "More Than This" by 35mm Dreams. Features a bouncy, looping guitar line and a narrative detailing a lass' thoughts of an urban exodus ("She's not very sure/If she's gonna go").