Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The story of Creation (part 4)

He wanted to do a tour of just the European principalities. He penned the ditty "Death Is Hanging Over Me" while watching the film Amadeus in a Hamburg cinema with his then girlfriend. He loved velvet jackets, yet despised crushed velvet.

His favorite song was "Telegram Sam" by T. Rex. His birth name was Nicholas Godfrey. He confessed that his initial reason for delving into songwriting was: He couldn't play anything by anyone else. He worked with members of The Waterboys, The Birthday Party, and R.E.M.

He once told a music writer, "I dress and act like a star because I am one -- even if only in the eyes of a few." He spent years working on an unpublished novel entitled Albion Sunrise and wrote the liner notes for all his re-issues. The German music press often referred to him as the "the god of underdogs."

He died on March 26 of this year. He was Nikki Sudden.

Hear them for yourself. Download:

CRE 033: Nikki Sudden - "Jangle Town," (7"+12"), 1986

CRE 040: Nikki Sudden - "Wedding Hotel," (12"), 1987