Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The story of Creation (part 2)

Stains On A Decade? More like stains on my ceiling.

The rain made large, brown blemishes everywhere. Like some bizarre Rorschach test. "Yes doc, I think I see . . . Lawrence Hayward from Felt."

Lawrence was a quirky chap. One of his many charms (or peculiarities, depending on the viewpoint) was that he was obsessed with cleanliness. Writing glistening guitar music and scrubbing toilets. Ah, the life of a pop star. So yes, Lawrence probably would not have enjoyed the dogshit-hued blots in my upstairs hallway.

The two songs listed below, both Creation Records singles, seem rather appropriate given the insane amount of precipitation we received here in New England over the last week. God bless, Mother Nature. And Felt.

Hear them for yourself. Download:

CRE 032: Felt - "Rain Of Crystal Spires," (7"+12"), September of 1986

CRE 048: Felt - "The Final Resting Place Of The Ark," (12"), July of 1987