Saturday, March 18, 2006

May melodies and lunacies reign supreme

In the same calendar year they were named best new band in Britain by The Times and were awarded Single of the Week twice by the NME. They've hit the States to participate in the SXSW Festival. They were a favorite of the late John Peel, making his 1999 Festive 50. They realized a life-long dream when they recorded with a full orchestra at the legendary Abbey Road Studios. They even parted ways for a time, two members of the band performing as Pluto Monkey, before getting the original lineup back together following an alcohol-soaked gig in their native Galashiels.

Yes, it's been a tumultuous career for Dawn Of The Replicants, who just released their fifth album: Fangs, out on SL Records. The only thing DOTR hasn't experienced in their 10 years is prolonged success. But in this case, it's a good thing, as sustaining an existence outside mainstream's inner sanctum has resulted in DOTR developing their own quirky sound.

"Their low-slung Beefheart-Velvets-Howlin' Wolf-inflected noir-pop shanties," Bizarre Magazine wrote, "are the sort of thing Queens Of The Stone Age might play on banjos in a Scottish-borders remake of Deliverance." Eccentric, sonically challenging, dark yet still campy -- Dawn Of The Replicants never disappoint.

Hear it for yourself. Download: "Science Fiction Freak" by Dawn Of The Replicants. A favorite of Peel's, the tune features a catchy chorus and plenty of effervescent guitars.