Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Play at your shindig

I've long considered "Tommy Bhetty's Waltz" to be a brilliant "end of things" song. You know, one of those tunes that would fit nicely at the end of a terrific film, or at the conclusion of a moving wedding. It's a haunting number, one that stays with you long after the final note, which is why it's such a perfect song of "finality."

I guess it's apt such a number is being discussed now, as yet another year draws to a close. In my cell of sobriety, I make another hash mark on the wall. There are six there now, scratched out in long, straight lines. I can't complain, really. I'm locked away from the saucy drunkards, but I do get the occasional conjugal visit. Though she is searched beforehand to ensure she's not sneaking in any bitter. Bah.

Here's Altan with the aforementioned "Tommy Bhetty's Waltz." It's a lovely version of the song that showcases Altan's exceptional talents. Play it this your New Year's Eve shindig, as the seconds slowly tick away on this year, and you relive all its significant and trivial moments in your head. And of course, raise a glass to the temperates, who are certainly with you in spirit. Yes, indeed: pun intended. Have a listen.