Friday, May 19, 2006

The story of Creation (part 3)

Spent the day with my girl. A walk amongst the ugly, rain-soaked mills, a breakfast of rubbery eggs and overcooked sausage, an endoscopy.

Now we're recovering at home together, with plenty of soft, mushy food and Zantac. Of course, she's having a bit of pain. "It'll hurt if I swallow . . . It'll hurt if I swallow . . . Mommy!" Only throat-spray isn't going to save her. Tylenol will have to do.

I offer to make my girl a smoked-turkey-and-swiss sandwich, complete with potato chips, and puree it all in the blender, but she politely declines. She'll stick with her lime green Jell-O, thank you very much.

The afternoon: All My Children, a game of Scrabble, reading the newspaper, a nap. And later, when it's time for dinner? Maybe some Creation Soup, Volume 2.

Who needs anything else when your girl brings this much excitement to your life?

Hear them for yourself. Download:

CRE 013: X-Men - "Spiral Girl," (7"), 1985

CRELP 005: Various Artists - It's Different For Domeheads, (LP), 1985; Slaughter Joe - "Napalm Girl"