Monday, November 27, 2006

Erectile exclamations

Sister, at the dinner table on Thanksgiving Day: Work the term "raging hard-on" into your next blog entry.

Me: Egads, no.

Sister: Will Blogger censor you or something?

Me: Nope.

Sister: Then what's the problem?

Me: That's so crass. I'm above crass. Crass was so last year and as you know, I'm so not into last year.

Sister: Asshole.

Let's talk about ¡Forward, Russia!, who have everyone buzzing on account of their clever use of punctuation, as well as their penchant for also spelling out their moniker like this: ¡FФЯWДЯD, RUSSIД! Quite nifty, now isn't it? I love me some wacky fonts.

Anyway, the band came together in Leeds back in 2004. They did their first gig in April of that year; soon after, several demos made the light of the day, which led to the NME developing a raging hard-on (happy?) over the band. One write-up called ¡Forward, Russia!'s (does the apostrophe and "s" go after the exclamation point?) music: "Convulsing punk-funk brilliance from Leeds."

The band's debut album, Give Me A Wall, was released earlier this year and in a cheeky attempt to be clever, features 11 songs with numerical titles: "Eighteen," "Sixteen," "Seven," etc. This is "Thirteen."