Monday, October 23, 2006

Braff: new Shins subpar

We won't get into any talk of career suicide (it has been three years, though); we'll just talk about the new release, which is due to hit record shops (finally) Jan. 23. I was going to mention its unfortunate title, but then learned Wincing The Night Away is a sly reference to singer/songwriter's James Mercer's battles with insomnia. Okay, that makes it tolerable.

Anyway, I'm sure mp3s blogs everywhere are ripe with Shins' tracks. Folks will pluck them, taste their sweetness, and quickly declare them to be second-rate compared to Oh, Inverted World. "Why can't they do more songs like 'New Slang?' I love that trippy, moody nostalgic stuff. And yeah, I loved when it was used in Garden State! This song will change your life indeed."

Shut up. I didn't even bother listening to any of the new album; I just picked two songs at random. Because we all know none of the material from this LP even compares to that landmark first record. Shit, I bet even Zach friggin' Braff doesn't like it.

(Quick side note: I can't get over how fat the drummer from The Shins is. I thought indie dudes were supposed to be scrawny skinny. Do more coke or something. Jeez.)


"Black Wave"

(Editor's note: Ah look, the copyright police have made a mess of things. No Shins tracks for you! In due time, kids, in due time.)