Monday, October 16, 2006

Bejar! Bejar! Bejar!

There's a girl down the hall from me who has a shrine to Dan Bejar in her room. Shrines are all well and good -- I mean, shit, I had one in my room to Robbie Williams when I was 11 -- but shrines to Dan Bejar are a whole 'nother animal. Let's not beat around Dan Bejar's big head "bush": Shrines to Dan Bejar are rather strange. (Though I do enjoy saying Dan Bejar's name out loud. Bejar, Bejar, Bejar!)

The relative weirdness of this shrine to Dan Bejar is not on account of what the shrine consists of (for example: an empty beer bottle Dan Bejar drank from during a gig; gross) or the fact that its curator is 18 (slightly past the age when shrine-building is still deemed acceptable). It's all because a shrine to Dan Bejar is a shrine to Dan Bejar.

I can say, with utmost certainty, that this shrine to Dan Bejar is indeed the only shrine to Dan Bejar in the entire Northeast corridor, maybe all of the East Coast. And of course, this is not a knock on Dan Bejar; Dan Bejar is a fine songwriter, and I have enjoyed some of his work with both Destroyer and The New Pornographers. It's just that Dan Bejar is clearly not a pop star that typically moves folks to display their zealous fandom via the art of shrine-making.

Anyway, here are some tracks from Dan Bejar's latest band, Swan Lake: "Are You Swimming In Her Pools?" and "All Fires."