Monday, September 18, 2006

It tastes like chicken

Humankind can be divided into two groups: Those who peel off and eat the crispy skin on a cooked chicken, and those who toss it in the rubbish.

The gentlemen came a-calling at the bar Saturday night, looking to buy the lot of us drinks. Since chicken skin is our species' great polarizer, I asked one of the dudes his thoughts on this matter. His answer would give me a peek into his personality, correct? At least, that's what the women's rags would have told me.

"When I cook my chicken, I pound up some garlic and place it between the skin and the flesh. I also put a few kaffir leaves there, too."

"So do you eat the skin afterwards? Or not? You're avoiding my question."

"Say, would you like the recipe?"

Now listen up: This is Novus Carmen (see the nifty logo above); every Monday I will be bringing you new music that tickles my fancy. I got the dude's number after our bar encounter and yesterday, he swung by the dump and cooked us some Gay Ning Takia. In return, I made him a mix CD; these were his three favorite tracks.

Magnolia Electric Co
"Lonesome Valley"

The Feeling
"Same Old Stuff"

The Feeling
"Never Be Lonely"